LE 575.00

100% Beef Amino is a mix of meat amino acids got from excellent hamburger protein disengage, hamburger egg whites concentrate, and Argentine meat liver. Every tablet contains a full range of profoundly focused amino acids, just as numerous other vital and fundamental supplements. Each serving gives a different wellspring of amino acids extricated exclusively from premium meat sources. At the point when 100% Beef Amino is taken before every feast, it expands day by day amino admission. 100% Beef Amino bridles the anabolic capability of hamburger, and thus offers ideal help for adding bulk to the body. 100% Beef Amino is an incredible method to take advantage of the apparent multitude of preferences of meat, without experiencing any of the drawbacks, for example, the high-fat substance.

  • This Product Contain (66Serv)  :  200 Tablets 
  • This Product Contain (133Serv)  :  400 Tablets 
Universal Beef Amino
LE 575.00

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